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Choose Itastone for Your Kitchen

Quartz worktops are a timeless and popular choice in today’s kitchens, combining the beauty and strength of stone with the affordability of a less-durable material. Quartz itself is a natural stone and one of the most abundant minerals on the planet, making it affordable and durable in a variety of applications.

Why choose Itastone?

Of all the quartz suppliers on the market, our team at Prestige Granite & Marble is especially proud of our Itastone quartz brand offering. Found in kitchens across the country, these worktops:

  • Are made from 93% natural quartz in a broad range of colours and patterns.
  • Are a popular and affordable choice for both residential and commercial customers.
  • Come with a 10-year warranty, which is uncommon when purchasing and installing other materials like marble or granite. With a product that’s built to last and backed by Itastone, you can enjoy peace of mind while you enjoy your home’s new look.

Living with an Itastone worktop

  • Quartz is one of the lowest-maintenance worktop options for a kitchen or bathroom. This is due to its incredible high-quality and resistance to scratches.
  • Itastone can be fabricated into a much wider range of consistent patterns and colours, all with the deep shine and glow of stone that a laminate material will never quite match.
  • The smooth, even finish works especially well in modern kitchen and bathroom styles.

Talk to our design team

Every family and every home is different, but at Prestige Granite & Marble, we believe there’s a worktop choice for every taste and budget. We welcome questions from homeowners who are just beginning to plan a new design or are already in the midst of construction, because our professional design team can help you visualise your entire space and recommend the right practical materials that fit your lifestyle and budget. If you’re interested in finding out more about quartz from Itastone or any of our worktop solutions, contact Prestige Granite & Marble to speak to a team member today. We’ll help you browse samples and compare options so that you feel confident and excited about your selection.

Find your perfect Itastone worktop; call today.