• Natural beauty
  • scratch resistant
  • hygeneic
  • stain resistant
  • trouble free
  • 15 year guarantee

Benefits of Itastone


An Itastone quartz kitchen worktop will stand up to juice, oil, wine, tomato, coffee, and other everyday spills. Because of its nonporous surface that naturally repels stains, there’s never a need to have your worktops resealed and cleaning and maintenance is perpetually quick and easy.

You’ll be able to enjoy your quartz worktops for years without worrying about chips, scratches, or cracks.

Quartz is durable and tougher than granite because it is both durable and nonporous.

Natural Beauty

By using dyes, glass and metallic flecks, high quality finishes to this natural stone are created, producing a range of looks that include gloss, plain, sparkly or flecked.

Stain Resistant

Certain properties of quartz mean that this style of worktop is less likely to show stains and damages due to its low porosity. Granite and marble worktop options have a greater porosity than quartz and are more likely to absorb stains and damages into their micro pores.

Scratch Resistant

With quartz being such a hard material, it is very resistant to scratches, measuring 7 on the mohs scale. There is only diamond, corundum and topaz that measure harder.


Itastone Quartz Worktops are extremely hygienic. With their dense composition, this inhibits bacterial growth and the transfer of bacteria onto other surfaces.

Trouble Free

Soap and water is the only maintenance our Itastone Quartz Worktops require. Due to their non-porous properties, maintaining these worktops is minimal.

15 Year Guarantee

Itastone Quartz comes with a 15-Year Guarantee, giving you complete peace of mind when choosing this product.


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