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When you choose granite worktops for your home, investing in a durable, beautiful material will instantly boost a home’s market value and visual appeal. With proper care, granite lasts indefinitely like any stone without depreciating in value, and every slab is unique to your home in both colour and cut. There is no limit to the colours and shapes our professional design team can help you choose and manufacture.

Why you should consider a granite worktop

Granite certainly has a wide price range, depending on the colour of stone and the size of your kitchen or bathroom, meaning it is very customisable to your budget.

Granite is simple to clean with warm water or mild detergent, which makes it an ideal choice for kitchen and bathrooms, where hygiene is the priority.

When it comes to kitchens, it’s a great option because granite is heat resistant. With a professional-quality sealant, the stone is stain and scratch resistant for a lustrous and luxurious finish every day. When you invest in granite, you receive long-term value for the cost.

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Caring for your new granite worktop

As one of the UK’s largest approved manufacturers of granite we ensure you’ll find the perfect colour and texture to of stone to fit your design and budget. To manufacture and install your chosen slab of granite, our team will measure and cut in advance in our state-of-the-art factory showroom before sealing the stone and preparing it for safe transportation. We use only the best quality of stone and equipment, including industry-leading CNC cutting equipment and digital templating for accuracy.

Once installed, simple warm water and a mild detergent are enough to keep the worktop clean.

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Why you should consider Prestige Granite and Marble

We offer price matches for existing quotes.

We accept drawings from major kitchen manufacturers to make it as easy as possible for you to get the design you want put into reality.

Stone specialists should always handle granite, as many contractors aren’t equipped to safely and carefully cut expensive and unique stone slabs. Prestige Granite & Marble guarantees the quality of our products and performs all installations with our own craftsman teams, never a third-party contractor.

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