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Product Brands

Prestige Granite and Marble Ltd can offer the ultimate bespoke designs, materials and service. Take a look at our quality brands to discover what is the right product for you.


Across every square inch of Radianz® Quartz countertops, you can see nature’s design. It is the Samsung technology that enhances performance of the surface.

In order to create a Radianz® surface, advanced polymer resins are used and the pigments are fused with a total of 93% quartz, which is one of the earths hardest minerals. The end result is a stunning quartz countertop with a surface material that can literally handle anything that is thrown at it.

There is a fantastic choice of more than 25 colours that are available with a variety of crystal sizes that allows you to complement any design that you have in mind.


 Radianz® Quartz comes with a 15-year warranty for residential applications and a  10-year warranty for commercial installation, something you won’t get with marble and granite countertops. If peace of mind is top of mind, this is a definite advantage.


This solid quartz product offers unparalleled quality in terms of durability and finish. This product comprises of approximately 93% natural quartz, ideal for application throughout your home. This cost-effective material meets the requirements of both domestic and commercial clients.

Maintaining the look of natural stone, ITA Stone solid quartz is manufactured to exacting industry standards. This flexibility allows almost unlimited choice in terms of application and appearance, with a wide range of colour options that fit in with almost any decorative theme.

Specialists in design and installation for homes and commercial premises across the UK, we can ensure that your ITA Stone surfaces match your precise specifications, making sure that quality and appearance remain uncompromised.

Our expert team of designers and fitters are on hand to offer a personal and bespoke service that will allow you to obtain the top-performance kitchen you’ve always coveted.

ITA Stone offers a comprehensive range of benefits that place it firmly in the category of superior materials for top-quality kitchen design and performance.

ITA Stone comes with a 10-year warranty something you won’t get with marble and granite countertops. If peace of mind is top of mind, this is a definite advantage so you can use your product knowing it is built to last.


Caesarstone is a quartz stone that contains around 93% natural quartz, creating a beautifully engineered stone. This product is ideal for almost any interior work surface, including kitchen worktops, bathroom worktops, countertops,  vanities, wall panelling and commercial interiors.

There is a huge range of colours available for designed quartz surfaces, totalling over 70 varieties, with 33 of these colours stocked in the UK. A great advantage of this range is that these surfaces never require sealing and only require very minimal maintenance to help keep them looking brand new.

Cleaning is extremely simple in the majority of cases due to the hard and non-penetrable surface and can be carried out by simply using a mild detergent or even just soap and water.

Each Caesarstone surface is offered with a comprehensive 15 year guarantee to help to provide further peace of mind with your purchase.


The Compac product is harder than natural stone but combines natural elegance, creating a stunning end result that is available in a large selection of colours made to fit any style and design in the kitchen or bathroom.

The product is manufactured from a combination of pure quartz, pigments and resins.  All the aesthetic and technical characteristics of the original stone are still very much present but with an added enhancement which provides the perfect product for areas that require high abrasion and scratch resistance.


 Due to the highly advanced technology that Compac has provided, a fantastic product that offers top quality resistance and beauty has been created. It greatly exceeds the advantages of natural quartz across a wide range of properties, including design, colour, versatility, impact resistance, durability and stain and heat resistance.


Silestone is a fantastic product which combines the very best of natural stone elements and will leads to its enhancement. This alone provides instant recognition by professionals and end users within this industry. Due to its success, it now has its very own category known as the bacteriostatic quartz worktop.

Silestone by Cosentino is a unique brand due to the properties and characteristics that it possesses.  Its exclusive nature has formed this brand into the world of fashion and design which is now associated with the very best in innovation and modernity.

Due to this brand being certified by professionals within the world of decoration, architecture and design, it is now well known around the world, with the brand present in over 50 countries. Silestone offers a fantastic example of both research and innovation within public and private projects in the 21st century.