Granite VS Quartz Worktops

Which is better Granite or Quartz?

Looking for a change in your kitchen or bathroom? You could finally add the wall art you’ve always wanted, or you could opt for a more significant change: brand-new worktops. Your worktops probably see the most wear and tear when compared to other furniture in your home, and you want to make sure you make the right choice in materials. Prestige Granite is here to help you decide on the perfect worktops for you and your lifestyle. At our Liverpool showroom, we feature a wide range of worktops, made from the finest granite and the most durable quartz on the market. With granite and quartz, each having distinct advantages, how do you ever make the decision? Our team has the knowledge to take you through the pros and cons of each worktop and help you make a beneficial decision.

Granite VS Quartz, the differences…

Quartz and granite are both sought-after worktop materials. However, the two aren’t interchangeable. Certain homeowners may find greater benefit in quartz, while others may prefer the advantages of granite. Whatever the case, Prestige Granite offers plenty of options as you make your choice, including ITA Stone. Read up on some of the distinctions setting each of these materials apart.

Consider Durability When It Comes to Worktops

Durability is often one of the first things on homeowners’ wish lists when it comes to worktops. You need a surface to withstand knife scrapes, spills, and burns without marring its appearance. Luckily, granite and quartz are both famed for their hardness and durability. Granite resists scratches and quartz withstands chipping and cracking over time. However, granite gets a leg up when it comes to resale value—granite worktops can add property value if you decide to sell down the road. When it comes to high-traffic areas in any home or place of business, we might recommend Samsung Radianz™.

Resisting Stains and Standing Up to Heat

Stain and heat resistance are crucial characteristics of any good worktop. As with durability, granite and quartz are neck-in-neck when comparing their ability to withstand stains and heat. When properly sealed, granite won’t stain, even with repeated spills and it is also naturally heat resistant. While it’s probably not a good idea to set a hot pan on your granite for a prolonged time, if you accidentally set one on your worktop you won’t be in the market for a replacement. Quartz is also heat-resistant for the most part but can incur damage if you set a hot pan directly on the surface. However, staining isn’t a concern because of quartz’s non-porous quality.

What’s Your Kitchen’s Aesthetic?

When comparing the granite vs. quartz worktop pros and cons, we, of course, need to take a look at aesthetics. Whether you’re choosing a new worktop for your kitchen, bathroom, or bar, you’re probably going for a certain aesthetic to carry through your space. To help you choose between these two fantastic worktops, let’s look at the basics of their respective styles:

  • Granite: Granite worktops are a classic. They give an aura of sophistication and luxury with their unique veining and design. No two slabs are exactly alike, and many even have some imperfections. However, many homeowners celebrate these imperfections. Plus, granite worktops are available in a range of colours, including greys, blues, and greens.
  • Quartz: As the premier manufactured stone, your design opportunities with quartz are nearly endless. While granite only comes in natural shades, you can choose from a whole spectrum of colours for your quartz worktop. COMPAC quartz might be your best bet if you’re looking for a glossy finish with immense durability.

Consider Maintenance Before Your Final Decision

At Prestige Granite & Marble, we understand worktop maintenance isn’t at the top of your to-do list. Many homeowners aren’t willing to sacrifice ease of upkeep for a beautiful look. Fortunately, taking care of granite and quartz isn’t a hassle. Simply take warm water and a soft cloth to your granite, and you’re good to go! If you opt for quartz worktops, warm water and mild soap will do the trick. Whether you have granite or quartz in your home, refrain from using heavy-duty cleaners, which can damage your surface. For a lovely worktop that’s low maintenance, Prestige Granite suggests Caesarstone.

Explore Your Worktop Options with Us

As you explore your options for a brand-new worktop, don’t forget to account for all the differences between quartz and granite. Prestige Granite in the North West is always happy to help you make the best decision for your home or business. Our team accounts for our customers’ aesthetic preferences as well as their budget to come up with the perfect way to complete your kitchen or bathroom. Get in touch with us today to learn more.


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