Bold Marble-effect Worktops for a Statement Kitchen

Whether Calacatta, Carrara, Travertine, Arabescato, or Onyx, for centuries, marble has been a sought-after material for a lavish, elegant home. Used in kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms, this beautiful natural stone has a distinct look and a breathtaking aesthetic, elevating any space into which it is incorporated. And while marble has been used since the days of the ancients, we have access to marble-look quartz, which is more sustainable and less expensive than the real thing.

What is the New Bold Marble Trend?

The current trend of bold marble worktops is often accomplished using bold quartz worktops engineered to mimic marble. It is part of the new glamourous style which leans into the ostentatious, bringing in luxurious surfaces, flashy accessories, and hardware to create a statement kitchen. It doesn’t stop with a bold marble-effect worktop… kitchen islands, breakfast bars, upstands, and more are being created using stunning marble patterns to create a dramatic, swoon-worthy effect.

For several years, minimalist, modern kitchens have been trending. In those kitchens, Calacatta marble was the star, white, with subtle, deep charcoal veining. Combined with white cabinets, hidden appliances, and bright natural light, it helped to create a look that was at once elegant and stark, like an all-white sculpture gallery. Recently, though, there has been a dramatic shift, perhaps in alignment with the current 1980s renaissance we are seeing, with flashy gold hardware and pastel colours taking their place alongside dramatically coloured and striated marble. On the other hand, there is also a fatigue perhaps brought on by the pandemic, with its long hours of staring at all that white. Whatever the case, homeowners are beginning to crave beautiful colours and eye-catching design options, whether in the form of statement worktops or bold furniture choices.

Choosing a Marble-effect Worktop

Even if you want to stick to the classic look of white marble with black or charcoal striation, bold marble might astonish you. More colour, deeper veins- bold marble demands attention.

One example of this is Calacatta Nero Quartz. Beyond bold, this is a modern twist on a classic marble look. This distinctive stone, featuring black veins across a bright white background, makes the perfect statement worktop. Use it sparingly, as a focal point in the kitchen, or embolden your kitchen with a bold waterfall worktop on your island or stunning upstands.

If you are looking for something bolder than traditional marble, yet more tranquil than stark black and white, Centaurus Quartz might fit the bill. Polished to perfection, this cool, blue tone grey quartz has distinctive veining, making it a striking option. It is perfect for a statement kitchen, no matter your décor style.

Grey Marquina Quartz is a warm grey, but it is anything but neutral. The striking veining throughout this beautiful stone makes a huge impression and works well however you want to use it. Install it on worktops throughout your kitchen, or make a statement by using it only on the island or upstands; however you choose to use it, you will make a statement.

If you are going for that gold-enhanced 1980s look, Gold Mist Quartz is a must-see. This elegant white quartz is beautifully enhanced by gold and grey veins running through it. A mesmerising combination of shimmering gold tones, subtle variations, and intricate veining, it has a look that can be accentuated with gold hardware and lavish furnishings.

Going back to the idea of dramatic black and white, we have Novo Noir Quartz. This has a breathtaking marble look, dramatic and elegant. This dark, smokey black quartz has hints of amber and white veins that provide a striking contrast for a look that is loaded with personality. Outfit your kitchen with these black surfaces and you are making a statement that will captivate everyone who sees it, with a rich opulence that is once timeless and modern. The contrast of the deep, velvety tones in this marble makes a huge impact on any room, creating a focal point that will continue to enhance your space for years to come.

Browse the Full Range of Bold-Marble Effect Worktops

When you’re ready to transform your kitchen, look to Prestige Granite and Marble for bold marble worktops to fit any aesthetic vision and beautify any space. Using industry-leading techniques, the very latest technology, up to the minute design, and traditional materials, we craft every worktop to the most exacting standard for the most discerning of customers.. All of our worktops are laser measured, which allows us to provide our customers with a precise and bespoke finish on each worktop. We have over 20 years of experience, and as one of the UK’s largest approved manufacturers of quartz and granite, we supply our customers with a diverse range of products and expert advice. Visit us at North West’s top quartz and granite factory showroom, with over 50,000 square feet of space and over 10,000 slabs of quartz and granite in stock, to see all we have to offer. Alternately, explore our virtual showroom, call us at 0151 909 8705 or contact us through our website today.


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