The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Granite Worktop for Your Home

Granite Worktops

Though they’ve been popular for many years, granite worktops haven’t gone out of style. They are still in very high demand. There are several reasons why granite worktops are continually increasing in popularity.

  • Durability
    Granite worktops are very well known for their durability and strength. They can withstand quite an impact without suffering damage and are scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, and stain-resistant. This durability is the perfect combination for the environment in the kitchen.
  • Aesthetic Appeal
    Available in many colours and styles, granite worktops offer a beautiful aesthetic to any kitchen.
  • Value
    Unlike many other worktop materials, granite countertops are affordable. Not only that, because of their durability, they will last much longer than other types of worktops.

What is Granite?

To fully understand the characteristics of granite, we need to look at its properties.

  • Composition
    Granite is unlike other worktop materials, as it is made from one full slab of material. They are made from one piece of rock and have no other substances added. The rock is formed from cooled magma.
  • Colours
    Granite selections come in a variety of colours, so it is easy to choose a colour that compliments your kitchen.
  • Patterns
    There are as many patterns of granite as there are colours. There are many options to choose from for your worktop.
  • Finishes

Geological Factors

Granite is an igneous stone that contains quartz, sodium feldspar, and [potassium feldspar. It is found on every continent of the earth and is usually harvested from China, Brazil, China, and Italy.

Choosing Your Granite Worktop

  1. Colour and Pattern: One factor to consider when choosing a worktop is the colour and pattern of your worktop. There are so many options to choose from that it might seem like a daunting task. However, there are some popular options and trends that you may want to follow when choosing the colour and pattern.
  2. Traditional Colours: The most traditional colours for granite worktops are black, white, and grey. These colours add a subtle sophistication and quiet luxury to any kitchen.
  3. Bold Colours: Looking for something that provides more of an accent? Bold colours may be a better choice. Some colours that are trending in bold choices in 2024 are emerald green and terracotta. These bold colours can provide a dramatic look to your kitchen.
  4. Contrasting Colours: Though the traditional choice has been a worktop that matches your kitchen, choosing a contrasting colour may give the accent to your kitchen that it needs.
  5. Metallic Accents: Choosing a granite worktop that contains tiny metallic flecks can serve as a wonderful pairing with stainless steel appliances.

Which Colours are the most Durable?

While light colours are bright and cheerful, providing a clean look to your kitchen, they can also start to show wear and tear more quickly. That’s right. Dark colours are the most durable over time.

  • Thickness
    Granite worktops are available in several levels of thickness. The most widely used thicknesses are 2 cm and 3 cm, but granite is also available in 1.2 cm. While 2 cm has been the standard in the industry, 3 cm is becoming a more popular choice, of late.
  • Edge Profile
    From beveled to square to rounded, you will want to choose the edge profile you desire for your worktop. Your granite supplier can help you choose wisely. While round and beveled are more common choices, Ogee or Dupont can provide a look of quiet sophistication. A bullnose edge can help create a look of a more contemporary kitchen.
  • Assess the Quality and Grade
    Make sure that the granite you choose has no visible marks, scratches, or dings. Choosing a unique colour means you are less likely to have flawed granite than if you go with a more traditional choice. Veining, consistency of colour, and surface finish are all factors to consider when assessing the quality of your granite.
  • Practical Considerations
    Is your kitchen a candidate for a granite worktop? Consider all the options and the look of your home. If you are someone who seeks durability and longevity as well as a timeless look, a granite worktop will likely suit your needs. Marble is more porous than granite and quartz is slightly less heat resistant than granite. These are factors you want to consider before purchasing.
  • Budget and Cost Factors
    Granite usually is priced between 120 and 500 per square metre. Depending on your specifications, the final cost may vary depending on what you’ve chosen in thickness, edge profile, etc. Some other factors that influence pricing are material quality, slab size, and installation costs. Make sure you get an accurate quote from your supplier before proceeding with the installation of your worktop. On a budget? Try shopping for remnant granite pieces or go with a slightly thinner piece. Other cost savings measures include shopping around, buying wholesale, and choosing a common colour.

Choosing a Reputable Supplier and Installer

Now that you’ve chosen your beautiful granite worktop, it’s time to choose a supplier and installer. It is very important to choose a supplier and installer that suits your needs. Make sure to check reviews from previous customers as well as online business websites to make sure you have completely vetted the supplier you choose. Reviewing warranties is another step in this process. Make sure that if something goes wrong you aren’t left high and dry.

Personalising Your Granite Worktop

One fun part of choosing a granite worktop is making it personalised to fit your style and functionality. Some custom features include integrated sinks, decorative edges, and surface finishes.

Maintenance and Care Tips

It is very easy to care for and clean granite. Using a soft sponge or cloth, simply wipe down the area using a gentle cleaning product. Try to avoid harsh chemicals or tools with rough bristles. Granite also needs a thorough sealing once a year. This will help to prevent damage.


You’ve made the decision to install a granite worktop and that’s a wonderful choice. Now you have the freedom to personalise it to your needs and make it a worktop that will beautifully complete your kitchen. If you plan to resell in the immediate future, remember that functionality and basic colours will be key.

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