Quartz & Granite Worktops Add Value to Your Property

Increase the Value & Saleability of Your North West Home

We all want to have a home that looks beautiful. Just as fashion and technology are constantly evolving, so are home trends, and keeping your space up-to-date with these trends is a must. Once you fall behind, it can quickly mean decreased home value should you ever decide to sell. Renovating your home can easily boost your overall value, and one way to do so is with the addition of quartz or granite worktops in your kitchen and bathrooms. Prestige Granite & Marble is here to help you find the perfect new worktops to update your home and ensure you make an impact on any potential buyers. Please reach out to us for additional information.

Home Improvements Make Your Home More Desirable

If you’re looking to sell your home, there are many things potential buyers will look at before deciding to make an offer. While some of these things you can’t control, such as location, others you can. One example of an item you can control that’s important to its resell capabilities is the appearance and design of the interior. Many homeowners aren’t looking for a home they’ll have to do work to, and if they are, they’ll want a reduced price, so it’s in your best interest to make your home as desirable as possible. Completing home improvement projects, even small ones, can be an excellent way to make your home more appealing to potential buyers, generating more interest and hopefully multiple offers. Our team can help you find ways to improve your home with the addition of new worktops.

Why are Worktops Important to the Value of Your Home?

One of the primary things homebuyers look at in a potential property is the kitchen and bathrooms, making them an important aspect in your home’s value. The kitchen is an especially used part of the home where you gather to cook dinner, host parties, and more. The better the kitchen looks, the more a potential buyer can imagine themselves in the home, which is an excellent selling point. Worktops are important to the design and overall aesthetic of your kitchen and bathrooms, which makes them important to the value of your home. Upgrading your worktops could be a major factor in helping you sell your home.

Quartz vs. Granite – Which Is Best for You?

If you’re considering updating the worktops in your home, you’re likely weighing your various options. Some of the most popular worktop products are quartz and granite. It’s ultimately up to you to decide which option will work best for you, but we want to help make this decision easier. We’ve compiled some of the most important information about each material to help you learn more about your options and make it clear which choice is best for your unique needs. We’ve compared quartz and granite on the following criteria:


Both quartz and granite are among the strongest natural rocks in the world, which means both options will have enhanced durability. When it comes to holding up to daily use by your family, quartz and granite are both excellent options.


In most cases, quartz is the more expensive option, so if your budget is a concern, you may want to choose granite. Quartz usually carries a higher price because it is less porous than granite, making it more solid, heavier, and harder to install.


Because granite is porous, it requires regular maintenance to seal the surface, whereas quartz requires little to no maintenance other than routine cleaning. You’ll want to reseal your granite worktops a few times a year.


While both quartz and granite are relatively easy to keep clean, quartz is the better option when it comes to cleanliness. Because the natural stone surface of quartz is less porous than the surface of granite, it’s easier to clean and more hygienic, as bacteria and germs won’t get stuck in the pores of the stone. For this reason, it’s even more important to regularly seal your granite worktops to improve cleanliness.

Return on Investment

Even though the initial cost is more, quartz often has a better return on investment over granite. This means you’ll often get more money back should you ever decide to sell your home.

Is the Investment Worth the Cost?

Because quartz and granite come with a higher price tag, you may be wondering, is an investment of this size worth the additional cost? At Prestige Granite & Marble, we believe both quartz and granite are well worth the investment, as they not only provide you with a beautiful addition to your home but also have the potential to raise your home value. It’s important to note, however, that worktops alone won’t significantly improve your home value. You’ll want the rest of the room, for example, the kitchen or bathroom, to also be updated to match the beauty of the new worktops. This will ensure the entire space has a high-end, cohesive feel that makes an impact on potential buyers who view the property. In most cases, yes, the investment of new granite or quartz worktops is worth the additional cost.

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Having a beautiful place you’re proud to call home is a dream of many. We all want our homes to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and be an inviting place to host friends and family. In addition to your home’s appearance, you also want to ensure you maintain its value. Though you likely purchased your home with the intent to live there for many years, there’s always the chance you may need to sell your home. Maintaining the style of your home and improving it when needed is the perfect way to ensure you will get a high offer when it hits the market. Please reach out to us today to learn more about our quartz and granite options.


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