Quartz Worktop Colours

Peruse Quartz Worktop Colours Across The North West

What Coloured Worktop Do You Want for Your Home?

If you’ve shopped for new worktops before, you know there’s a lot to consider before you make your final decision. You’ll need to think about durability, ease-of-maintenance, and much more. One of the most important characteristics of your worktop to get right is the colour. At Prestige Granite, we feature a broad spectrum of colours for your brand-new quartz worktop. Because this material is man-made, you can take advantage of coloured worktops in all shades. If you have your heart set on quartz, be sure to pick the colour that fits your aesthetic!

What Colours Does Quartz Come In?

A better question here might be to ask; what colours doesn’t quartz come in? You can choose from nearly any colour when it comes to this man-made worktop material. Many customers at Prestige Granite select something classic, such as grey or white, while others opt for something more adventurous. Whatever your aesthetic or style preference, we have the ideal worktop for your kitchen or bathroom. Below is a brief sampling of all the colours we can offer you:

  • White: For a clean, yet bold look, you can’t go wrong with bright white worktops.
  • Taupe: If you’d rather something more understated, taupe worktops may be for you. This rich, light brown gives a farmhouse feel without the extra maintenance of real wood.
  • Grey: Grey worktops are the perfect choice for those who love modern styles.
  • Black: Looking for something bold, but not too out-of-the-ordinary? Solid black worktops can make a statement without becoming gaudy.
  • Green: Try mint or forest shades to allow your worktops to pop and wow your guests.
  • Purple: Purple-swirled patterns are ideal for homeowners who want to make a statement with worktops fit for royalty.
  • Salt-and-Pepper: Your quartz worktops don’t need to be a solid colour! You might opt for salt-and-pepper options or choose a granite-esque look.

Have You Heard of Glitter Worktops?

At Prestige Granite, we believe you should be unlimited in the ways you can express your style. While some homeowners prefer to let their worktops fade into the background, you might want yours to have a little flair. If this is the case for you, why not try glitter quartz worktops? A stunning option for homes across the North West and North Wales, glitter worktops can add a little sparkle to your home without becoming an eyesore. To be clear, we aren’t talking about spilling craft glitter all over your quartz. Instead, sparkling pieces are scattered throughout your worktops to add some shine to your kitchen or bathroom.

How to Choose a Coloured Worktop for Your Kitchen

Whether you want to go with a traditional shade or a vibrant pop of colour, you’ll want to choose the best-coloured worktop for your kitchen or bathroom. You’ll need to take several factors into account as you narrow down your options at Prestige Granite. Simply let our team know the following details about your space, and we can suggest the best colours for your new worktops:

  • Amount of light in your space
  • How bright you want the space to feel
  • Size of the room
  • Colour and style of your flooring
  • Colour and style of your cabinets and décor

Get Inspired at Prestige Granite!

Home design isn’t easy, especially when you don’t have an initial idea to begin the process. When you need some help brainstorming, Prestige Granite is always here to help. At our showroom, you’ll find stunning quartz worktop colours in which to gather inspiration. We feature gorgeous options from some of the most trusted brands in the business, including Caesarstone, Samsung Radianz™, and more. When you need help getting inspired, give us a call or stop by!

Design the Kitchen of Your Dream with Our Expert Team

As you work toward the home of your dreams, why not start with premier quartz coloured worktops? Whether for your kitchen, bathroom, or another room entirely, materials from Prestige Granite are sure to impress. We’ve helped happy customers throughout the North West and North Wales design a kitchen that becomes the envy of their friends and neighbours. Ready to add some flair and function to your home? Contact our friendly team for more details about our quartz coloured worktops.


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