The Best New Kitchen Trends in 2021 at Prestige Granite

Kitchen Trends for 2021

Due to what’s currently happening in the world, the kitchen has never been in as much use as it is now. Working from home and home-schooling has become the norm, which means that we’re preparing more meals at home and generally spending more time in our kitchens. Therefore, you may find yourself wanting to improve the design and functionality of your kitchen.

Below are some observations and recommendations that we have collated to bring you the biggest kitchen trends for 2021.

Colour trends for 2021

Black Kitchens

Whilst it may not be the first colour you’d associate with kitchens, black adds a modern and sleek aesthetic to the kitchen, whilst also providing a calming aura. If you think that black may be too dark for your kitchen, then grey could be a suitable option with its slightly lighter tones.

Soft Pastel Kitchens

If you don’t think that darker tones would work well in your kitchen, or you wish for a brighter ambience, a soft pastel colour will add a sense of warmth and tranquillity to your kitchen. This is ideal if you find yourself working from home and want to create a more relaxing environment.

Kitchen Accessory Trends in 2021

Kitchen Plants

In 2021 we’ll see the ever-growing plant trend take over our kitchens. Plants are a great kitchen accessory because they’re interchangeable and are much easier to swap around compared to painted walls or installed appliances. Certain plants can also add an extra level of functionality to your kitchen. Why not add a herb plant like basil, mint, chive etc. which can then be used in your cooking too?

Kitchen Gadgets

Innovation in technology has vastly improved our lives and our homes. Things like smart fridges which can help track food expiry dates and voice-controlled ovens can make modern life much easier, but the prices of these gadgets can be high. However, there are smaller kitchen gadgets that also pack-a-punch when it comes to 2021 trends. Kitchen composters, for example, have improved their use for consumers allowing users to dispose of their waste with ease, whilst being very low maintenance. As environmental issues are developing, composting is an eco-friendly method of waste disposal.

Kitchen Worktop Trends in 2021

We expect to see a trend in natural-looking kitchen worktops throughout 2021 and after. Materials like wood, marble and granite are becoming popular due to their natural-looking finish. They also provide a different texture compared to a shiny and glossy worktop. Stone worktops are much more durable than human-made worktops and can easily survive the demands of everyday life.

Kitchen Design Trends for 2021

Minimalistic Kitchen Design

Due to the times we’re currently living in, cleaning and maintaining your kitchen to protect loved ones can be a time-consuming process. Therefore, a minimalistic kitchen design is perfect. Without clutter taking up space and leaving surfaces open, you have more space to work and an easier cleaning process.

Kitchen Storage Solutions

Making the most out of your kitchen is a main priority of ours. Therefore, maximising space to conduct your activities is essential in this process. There are a variety of space-saving storage solutions that let you get the most out of your kitchen whilst also looking smart by cleverly stacking or layering.


Environmental issues are playing a major factor in the kitchen trends for 2021. People are actively considering how they can make their kitchen more environmentally friendly.

  • Re-use kitchen materials

Not only will it save you money, but it’ll benefit the environment too, people are re-using materials used for kitchens so that it does not contribute to landfill. Piping, wood, and more are common items that are often re-used for kitchen renovations.

  • Recycled materials

Like the point above, using recycled materials prevents unnecessary items from going to landfill. There are items manufactured that use recyclable materials which you could use in your kitchen if you are looking at improving your carbon footprint as well as your home.

  • Sustainable materials

Using sustainable materials helps lower your carbon footprint as you would be using material that can be easily made and not become a detriment to the environment. Also, if you buy from a local supplier, your carbon footprint will improve too.


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