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Ice White Quartz

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A bright, white worktop is a natural choice for any kitchen and with subtle sand grain sized glitter adds luster and sophistication to any room. Our ice white quartz worktop is part of our luxe stone range and has a unique look that will give any kitchen a sense of airiness and light.

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    Standard - 3000 mm x 1400 mm | Jumbo - 3200 mm x 1600 mm
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    Sparkles, White

It’s easy to care for your worktop.

Simple cleaning – A splash of warm soapy water will do.
Prevent patina – Wipe away any liquid spills and splashes.
Removing stains – Gently rub with an approved cleaner and rinse

Itastone Quartz Care and Warranty

What Is Ice White Quartz?

Ice white quartz is part of our Ita Stone range that combines natural quartz with strong, durable resin. As a result, the quartz has a luxuriously smooth surface that is stain-resistant and easy to clean. It also makes for an attractive finish suitable for kitchens of all sizes and shapes. With an inlay of white sparkle, this beautiful material adds just the right amount of glitz to a kitchen without overpowering other colours or details. In addition to worktops, ice white quartz also makes the perfect surface for stone furnishings like breakfast bars.

Advantages of Ice White Quartz

In addition to its stunning appearance, the durability of ice white quartz makes it a popular choice for busy homeowners. Its chemical makeup makes it resistant to damage from heat, moisture, and other wear-and-tear. Quartz is nonporous, so it won’t absorb liquids or bacteria in the same way as other materials. This makes it less likely to stain – a big advantage for amateur chefs or families with small children. Whether you accidentally spill red wine or a child draws on the surface with a marker, it will be much easier to remove the stain without damaging the surface. Other materials, like real marble, would be damaged by such a cleaning process.

Why Choose Prestige Granite & Marble?

We offer our customers an experience like no other. Clients have the opportunity to custom-order bespoke white sparkle quartz worktops that are laser measured to ensure accuracy. In addition to worktops, we can also create breakfast bars and other polished stone furnishings. Our professional team has years of experience and design expertise to provide you with exceptional results. We source our quartz from the finest suppliers in North West England, ensuring a product of the highest quality.

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Prestige Granite & Marble offers the best selection of ice white quartz worktops in North West England. Our 50,000 square foot showroom allows you to see the quality of our pieces up close and personal. Visit us today to browse our beautiful selection and benefit from our expert advice on finding the right worktop for your home.

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    Find the Right Granite Kitchen Countertop for Your Needs

    Granite has long been one of the most popular choices for kitchen worktop. Since granite is a natural stone, it offers a unique earthy appearance, which means that no two slabs look the same. You’ll have access to an array of options for granite. It also provides high durability and strength to your kitchen and is a scratch and heat-resistant material that offers protection if sealed correctly. Granite worktops are an affordable option over other materials in the long run due to its durability and longevity.

    To get the most out of your granite worktops, you must remain on top of maintenance. Granite countertops are strong and durable if they receive sealing each year.


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