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Granite is a very common type of igneous rock which has grown significantly as a product used within construction due to its hardy nature and properties.

It has been extensively used as a dimension stone and also for various flooring projects within both public and commercial buildings and monuments worldwide.

Polished granite remains a very popular choice for kitchens because of its aesthetic qualities and high durability. 


Granite is available in these options...

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Live the authentic life.

Each element that surrounds us in today’s world will contribute to build on our reality. Silestone lets you express your character and emotion through your kitchen and bathroom.

Born in 1990, Silestone is a unique brand with a natural quartz surface. Available in a range of eye catching colours, it has been developed to enhance the look of today’s kitchens and bathrooms. It is the only product that offers a bacteriostatic protection for all worktops, guaranteeing maximum hygiene at all times across its surfaces.


Silestone is available in these options...

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Samsung Radianz

The combination of nature and technology in the heart of your home

The creation of a Radianz™ surface, includes the use of advanced polymer resins and various colour pigments which are combined with 93% quartz, one of the hardest minerals in nature. This results in a countertop that is not only stunning to the eye, but is durable and hygienic.

Radianz™ worktops will undoubtedly enhance any home, whether this be for a construction or refurbishing project. 

– Kitchen countertops, back splashes and table tops
– Bathroom countertops, vanity tops and bath surrounds
– Windowsills and shower enclosures
– Bar tops and table tops
– Transaction decks and cash-wraps
– Reception areas
– Speciality kiosks and fixtures

Radianz™ Quartz looks perfect anywhere, go ahead and stretch your imagination.


Samsung Radianz is available in these options...

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Compac Quartz

Great Versatility

The COMPAC range contains 93% pure quartz, one of the hardest minerals found on this earth alongside top quality 5-7% polyester or natural resin binder and 1% pigments. The pure hardiness of quartz allows for exceptional levels of resistance to damage and scratching on the finest COMPAC technological quartz countertops.

In today’s world, it is difficult to source both exceptional aesthetic qualities in a product as well as being able to meet the function for which they were created.  For those who are looking for design, without dismissing functionality, we are proud to present you with our COMPAC range, uniting these two qualities to produce a product with huge application potentials.


Compac Quartz is available in these options...

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You are sure to find your perfect design with this huge range of colours and styles. There is a Caesarstone surface fit for any space which you have in mind, whether this be for the kitchen or your bathroom. Not only does this range ooze elegance, it also offers the highest standards of quality whilst inspiring pure creativity.

This product is made up from 93% quartz, one of the strongest minerals on earth which provides a resistance to stains, scratched and cracks. With very minimal maintenance required, and unaffected by heat and cold this product offers endless application possibilities.


Classico is available in these options...

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The Patterned Textured Collection

Caesarstone presents its uniquely patterned Motivo collection where you are sure to find the perfect style for you that sparks your imagination and captures you in one glance.

Consisting of up to 93% quartz, Caesarstone surfaces retain those qualities of nature’s strongest stones while also providing endless application options for your design. 

The Motivo collection creates its very own specially embossed 3D effect, offering eye catching surfaces from using a patented manufacturing process. This process creates stunning patterns in lace, braids and crocodile stripes which are all available in a selection of colours – black, beige, grey and white. 

Choose the look that suits you best. From fresh to traditional or urban to exotic, the end result is beyond stunning.


Motivo is available in these options...

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ITA Stone

This solid quartz product offers unparalleled quality in terms of durability and finish. Ideal for application throughout your home, this cost-effective material meets the requirements of both domestic and commercial clients.

Maintaining the look of natural stone, ITA Stone solid quartz is manufactured to exacting industry standards. This flexibility allows almost unlimited choice in terms of application and appearance, with a wide range of colour options that fit in with almost any decorative theme.


ITA Stone is available in these options...

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