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Black Quartz Worktops Across the North West
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As black quartz worktops come in vogue, have you considered them for your North West home? At Prestige Granite, we hope our customers will account for all the advantages of these sleek and stunning worktops. As beautiful as they are functional, black quartz worktops are ideal for those who use their worktops every day, as well as those who prefer ordering take out to cooking at home. With an array of brands and products to choose from, Prestige Granite allows our customers to choose from a full breadth of varieties of black quartz. Ready to start exploring your options? Learn more about this lovely worktop or visit our showroom to see it in person.

A Plethora of Reasons to Choose Black Quartz Worktops

At Prestige Granite, we know not all customers have the exact same preferences. Even so, many of them land on pure black quartz worktops as their final choice. This is often because of black’s ability to stay on trend for years. You’ll never look at your black worktop and wonder, “why did I choose that colour?” Always stylish, black quartz is evergreen. It appears modern even after years of use and doesn’t fall victim to passing fads.

Resistant to Multiple Kinds of Damage

Besides aesthetics, why choose a black quartz worktop? These surfaces are resistant to many different types of damage, as quartz stands up to wear and tear just as well as granite. Your black quartz worktops will resist scratches, an excellent feature considering you’ll probably use sharp knives and other objects as you cook each day. You wouldn’t want to deliberately cut into your worktop, but the occasional nick and scratch won’t show up on this surface. Another fantastic feature of quartz is its ability to withstand heat. If you accidentally place a hot pan on your worktop, you won’t have to worry about damage. That said, always try to use heat pads. But accidents do happen, and when they occur, you won’t need to worry about destroying your worktop.

How Should I Clean a Black Quartz Worktop?

Luckily, quartz doesn’t stain easily. While it might stain if you leave spills to sit for longer than necessary, a quick cleanup will leave your worktops as pristine as the day they were installed. Because black worktops are dark to start, they won’t show any marks or fingerprints, even if it’s been a few days since you last cleaned. When it’s time to wipe down your plain black quartz worktops, use only nonabrasive soaps and warm water. Bleach or chemical-filled cleaners can actually mar the appearance of your worktops further.

Choosing Cabinets to Go with Black Worktops

Black is an excellent choice of worktop because it goes with nearly any cabinet colour. If you’re not sure what colour cabinets will go with your black quartz worktops, feel free to ask the team at Prestige Granite! We’re experienced in interior design, especially in the kitchen. We might recommend white cabinets or woods in light and dark shades. Whether you choose a pure black quartz worktop or one with more patterns, we can help you decide if which cabinets will work best.

Make Your Worktop Stand Out with Some Sparkle

Perhaps you love the modern look of black worktops but worry about appearing too conventional. If you’re looking to add a little flair to your kitchen, check out our options for black quartz worktops with sparkle. These surfaces are entirely black, with a few flecks of glittery stones here and there. Black sparkle quartz worktops are an excellent option if you want to complete your space with pizzazz.

Ready to Install Black Quartz in Your North West Home?

As you consider your options for the worktop surface, why not think about black quartz? With incredible durability and resistance to scratches and heat, there are few better choices to complete your kitchen. A black quartz worktop can be dressed up with sparkles or dressed down to allow a different statement piece to shine. Whatever your aesthetic goals, a black quartz worktop may be a good fit for your space. Get in touch with Prestige Granite & Marble, the North West’s largest granite & quartz worktop manufacturer, today to learn more.


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