White Stone Trends 2023

White Stone Kitchen Trends for 2023

White kitchens are classic for a reason. They’re elegant, bright, and timeless – a look that’s never going to go out of style. When it comes to creating a classic white kitchen, white stone worktops are a great way to tie all of your design elements together. At Prestige Granite & Marble, we offer a wide range of white stone worktops across Liverpool, Manchester, Chester and North Wales, that can suit any style. Here, we’ll discuss the top white stone kitchen trends for 2023 to help you create a timeless look that will last.

Trend #1: Marble Effect White Stone Worktops

Marble is a beautiful white stone that adds a timeless and luxurious touch to any English kitchen. However, marble is a fragile material that is often more trouble than it’s worth for busy homeowners. That’s why we’re beginning to see more homeowners opt for white stone worktops with a marble-effect pattern rather than genuine marble, due to its affordability and durability. At Prestige Granite & Marble, we custom-make marble effect white stone worktops with high-quality materials from Ita Stone. These white quartz worktops perfectly emulate the look of marble without any of its drawbacks. For example, marble is a very soft stone, making it vulnerable to stains and etch marks. Our white stone worktops, however, are designed to be stain-resistant and scratch-proof for a durable finish that can withstand everyday use.

See our full range of marble-effect worktops here.

Trend #2: White Stone Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchen designs, and white stone worktops can provide a stunning contrast with darker cabinets or flooring. Whether you choose a classic white quartz or a marbled-effect quartz, white stone can act as a focal point in your kitchen. You can even choose to add a colourful accent with your choice of edging or island trim. As an added bonus, your new white quartz worktop will be extremely durable – able to stand up to even the messiest situations and the heaviest kitchen appliances. With proper care, your white quartz island will look beautiful for years to come.

Trend #3: White Stone Breakfast Bars

Breakfast bars are a great way to create an informal dining area in your kitchen, and white stone worktops add a touch of elegance to this space. Whether you choose sleek, shiny quartz or softer marble effect worktops, these breakfast bars add both function and style to any modern kitchen. At Prestige Granite & Marble, we can create custom white stone breakfast bars in any size and shape, so you can be sure that your breakfast bar perfectly fits your space. Whether you have a large family or just need a cozy space for two, you can count on us to create a beautiful white stone bespoke bar.

Trend #4: White Stone Backsplashes

A white stone backsplash is a classic yet modern look that will be perfect for any kitchen this year. White stone materials like quartz and granite are durable and easy to clean, making them an ideal choice for busy cooks who don’t have time to worry about upkeep. They also provide visual contrast that can help make your kitchen stand out from the rest of the home. Whether you choose to pair it with a white countertop or a contrasting colour, the all-white look will be sure to add an air of sophistication and elegance to your kitchen in 2023.

Our White Stone Worktops

Prestige Granite & Marble has the top selection of white quartz worktops, custom stone tables and breakfast bars in North West England. We specialise in luxury stone worktops crafted with precision and care. All of our pieces are custom-made to ensure they fit your kitchen perfectly. All you have to do is choose your slab from a huge range of options, and we’ll take it from there. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process, from selection to installation. We use the latest methods to craft stunning pieces that are beautiful and durable. Whether your style is modern or rustic, you’re sure to discover the white stone worktop of your dreams.

Bespoke White Stone Worktops

When you partner with Prestige Granite & Marble to design a white stone worktop, you can have complete control over the design. Our craftspeople work with you to create custom countertops and stone furnishings that harmoniously match the look and feel of your space. From polished granite slabs to intricate quartz designs, each white stone worktop is carefully crafted to reflect your personal style. Whether you’re looking to create a bright, airy aesthetic with marble effect quartz countertops, or an edgy industrial vibe with steely quartz surfaces, we’re here to make your dream a reality. Prestige Granite & Marble has a chic white stone worktop solution for you.

Expert Worktop Fitting Service

Even the most discerning homeowners can get exactly what they want at Prestige Granite & Marble. You can choose your white stone worktop from the largest stock of quartz and granite in the United Kingdom – our 50,000 square foot showroom is the biggest in North West England. Once you’ve found your worktop, we’ll use advanced laser measuring technology to provide a precise, bespoke finish. We offer state-of-the-art manufacturing processes alongside stringent quality control techniques to ensure your satisfaction. Plus, we’ll install your worktop using experienced stonemasons.

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White stone is a timeless and classic addition to any English kitchen. If you are considering refreshing your space with the latest trends, consider white stone countertops for 2023. Prestige Granite & Marble understands that each home improvement project should be tailored to fit individual needs, tastes, budget and style. Our expert team is here to help you make the best selection for your space. Whether you are looking to create a classic kitchen, an eclectic design, or something completely unique, we can help. Contact us today to get a quote for your white stone worktop.


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