Cheshire Kitchen Renovation Case Study

Black and white is a timeless combination, and this definitely holds true for black and white kitchens. Prestige Granite and Marble was recently involved in a Cheshire kitchen renovation that used black and white to its best advantage, with beautiful results. Wanting to use white quartz worktops to break up a black kitchen, these Cheshire clients contracted Prestige Granite and Marble for a kitchen that exceeded expectations.

There are reasons that black and white kitchens never go out of style. This high contrast pairing is versatile and classic, lending itself to just about any décor style, from minimalist to maximalist and everything in between. The trick to a successful black and white kitchen is the right design, keeping the aesthetic light and airy, not allowing the black to make it cave-like. This black matte kitchen in Cheshire handles the execution of this imperative beautifully, with white quartz worktops providing the perfect foil to black matte cabinetry.

For their white quartz worktops, the Cheshire clients choose wisely, with Itastone Ice White Quartz. Made by the acknowledged leaders in the manufacture of luxurious quartz, Ice White is clean and bright, with a subtle glitter, the size of a grain of sand, adding depth and dimension to the potential starkness of white quartz. The choice to use white worktops to offset the black is smart, and using white that is not plain white adds interest. In this Cheshire kitchen, Itastone Ice White Quartz was used by Prestige Granite and Marble not only for the worktops, but also for upstands and waterfall quartz legs on the large island.

Another aspect of this kitchen is that it is handleless, which is another popular kitchen style in 2023. Why forgo handles? The first reason is purely aesthetic. With no handles, cabinetry remains sleek and seamless, with no disruption to the line. This, especially in a black and white kitchen, facilitates interesting design by providing a smooth backdrop for whatever décor suits the homeowner. Handle less cabinets and drawers also eliminate hindrances on safety and efficiency, making walkways between counters and islands much clearer. In a kitchen with no handles, aprons will not snag on a drawer pull, and children will not bump their heads on jutting handles. Removing handles also makes a kitchen easier to clean, with smooth surfaces that can easily be wiped down to prevent the grease, dust, and grime that tend to accumulate in a kitchen. Visually and physically, losing the handles streamlines a kitchen.

The island in this kitchen is also extremely functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. In addition to its sleek look, with its sparkling white worktops seamlessly continuing into waterfall sides, the island contains the workings for a sink and hob. This affords additional workspace, maximising the limited wall area in the kitchen in order to create a more spacious, open look. In addition to the sleek white worktops and the smooth, black, matte cabinets, the kitchen features plenty of gorgeous natural light, streaming in through floor-to-ceiling windows, glass doors, and skylights. Playing off the light hardwood floors, it creates an overall look that is open, airy, bright, and welcoming.

Whether your preference is minimalist or eclectic, farmhouse or Scandinavian, or anything in between, when you’re ready to transform your kitchen, look to Prestige Granite and Marble. Using industry-leading techniques, the very latest technology, up to the minute design, and traditional materials, we craft every worktop to the most exacting standard for the most discerning of customers. With a keen eye to detail and outstanding customer service, we produce the best granite and quartz worktops. All of our worktops are laser measured, which allows us to provide our customers with a precise and bespoke finish on each worktop. We have over 20 years of experience, and as one of the UK’s largest approved manufacturers of quartz and granite, we supply our customers with a diverse range of products and expert advice. Visit us at North West’s top quartz and granite factory showroom, with over 50,000 square feet of space and over 10,000 slabs of quartz and granite in stock, to see all we have to offer. Alternately, explore our virtual showroom, call us at 0151 909 8705 or contact us through our website today.


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